The Urban Media Lab: Waste pamphlets document seminar research and projects for Urban Media Lab: Waste, a project-based seminar around the thematics of waste taught by Jessica Blaustein in the New School Department of Media Studies and Film, Spring 2011. All documentation has been produced solely for educational purposes, for private use by its contributors and not for commercial distribution to others. NO part of these pamphlets may be used, reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means for non-educational purposes.

| Seminar Files <PDF>

Urban Research <PDF> <Lulu>

<1-5 student work: case studies>

| 1 Household Refuse  <PDF> <Lulu> by Lara, Jenny, Gala

| 2 Paper <PDF> <Lulu> by Ran, Ray

| 3 Plastic <PDF> <Lulu> by Tassos, Elizabeth, Victoria

| 4 Street Basket Waste <PDF> <Lulu> <+ website> by Duncan,s.o., Jen

| 5 Electronic Wast<PDF> <Lulu> by 99, Cindy, Kasia