Dumping Across the Digital Divide

Check out Pieter Hugo’s very moving photographs of the Agbogbloshie dump in Accra, Africa in The New York Times Magazine (August 15, 2010):




  99hooker wrote @

Makes me think that one culture’s waste is another culture’s resource – a perverse kind of surplus or overflow

  cindypound wrote @

it was a story on NPR about 2.5 years ago covering this exact site in Africa that got me interested in the subject of e-waste…it was the first truly powerful account of environmental impact of our electronics obsessed culture that i had encountered. the story of the electronics life cycle is one that both starts and ends in the third world, creating problems at both ends for these areas…india and china are other areas where a lot of toxic e-waste dumps can be found…

  jennykane324 wrote @

A similar story is the ships being run aground in India for the scrap and other salvageables.
And the film about the now several generations of families who have made a living on the toxic landfill in Guatemala City – “Recycled Life”.

  laragheintz wrote @

one thing that always intrigues me about cultural waste is not just its physical manifestation but also that of information as waste as well. I suppose this is just one manifestation of that idea. In Calvino’s book, the dumping of waste lent itself not to just a new environment materially but also a culture that was continuously rebirthing its culture, its memories, and its ideas.


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