Posting this week

by jessica

Hi all,

A few quick notes for this week:

1) Please contribute to the website on two fronts:

— React to the readings. Create a new post, and file it under the “Base 1: Evacuations” category (where this one is filed), or comment on someone’s else’s. You’re reading a lot about keeping things clean this week – about hygiene, disinfection, disposal. Where, how, in what ways does waste function in these systems?

— Create a site tag. Please refer to “Welcome Everyone!” announcement for more info. This week, you are submitting tags as blog contributions. Next week, a map platform – likely Google Maps – will be in place for this.

2) After committing to this wordpress theme, I’ve just discovered that authors’ names do not display with posts. *&!(@*!. I am looking for a fix for this. In the meantime, please simply add your own byline at the beginning of your posts, e.g., “by jessica”, as I’ve done above.

3) Finally, so that names do automatically display with comments, and eventually with posts if I figure out a fix, please check your profile settings, input your first name, and then adjust your display name accordingly.


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  jennykane324 wrote @

NYU Professor Robin Nagle is the “Anthropologist-in-Residence” at the Department of Sanitation. I recently heard a great interview with her on WNYC about her up-coming book but couldn’t find the link. This is an interview from “The Believer” and also check out “Ask a Garbologist” on the City Room Blog.


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