Gowanus Canal: photos and signs

By Jen

Here are some photos of the Canal and Carroll Street bridge, just a couple blocks from my house.  It’s an interesting place in and of itself.  It was built in 1888-89, and designated as a City Landmark by the The Landmarks Commission in 1987.  It’s one of only 4 retractible bridges left in the US (and named NY’s Best Small Bridge of 2010 by the Village Voice!).  The Wet Weather Discharge sign is interesting … I wonder how many other sites in NYC are similarly designated.

More info on the bridge can be found here.

North View of Gowanus Canal from the Carroll Street Bridge. Note: Murky waters, docked boats, and trailers lining the banks.

Carroll Street Bridge - retractable!

Wet Weather Discharge Point sign reminds you: Don't swim, canoe, or fish in the Superfund site. Though sometimes I've seen kayakers (I think they were volunteers from the Gowanus Dredgers Canoe Club), and I've also read that there are divers).

Adjacent Water and Sewer company: Alex Figiolia

Ordinance of the City -- I just think this is kind of funny.


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