Soundscape of Gowanus Canal

by ran

A view of Gowanus Canal from Union Street Bridge


I will skip the information of Gowanus Canal since ray, so, and jen already have posted about it.

I recorded soundscape around the Canal, standing on Union Street Bridge, which is a drawbridge. So you can hear distinctive iron sound when a car drives on the bridge. Also, because the district is still storage-like – i.e. a parking lot for Verizon trucks – there are much noises around the canal. You could hear more sounds such as seagull’s chirping, water dropping to the canal, etc. Well, I wouldn’t need to ‘explain’ about sound recording. You can HEAR them all. Enjoy.



  jessica wrote @

Wonderful, Ran. Thank you for sharing this.

  99hooker wrote @

My son said “scary” but then he liked the train. We both liked the horse. made me think this was a meditation on transportation (boat, canal, train. horse, bridge). One could photoshop a plane in the sky although the bird as audio only is kind of a haunting of the transport space


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