99 Trash Talking

Is this also a forum for chatting? Because I work up this morning thinking two things: if I had to read Althusser all the time I would go crazy because he is right and because he doesn’t have an aesthetic bone in his body which has nothing to do with the class, but I figured I would not sort my thoughts into neat piles. The second thing I thought was America seems nowadays to embrace their trash: from South Park to guilty pleasures, from Park Slope to the Greening of Conscience, the consumer seems to have a spectrum of choice between rolling around in the muck or purchasing responsibility – the old psych idea that dirt is repressed and through analysis confronted and thus integrated seems a bit old fashioned – that said, speaking of old fashioned, one thing I love about Freud (this is actually what I thought this am) who seems so unloved nowadays is that he retained an old fashioned sense of tragedy … looking forward to deconstructing efficiency, that is recovering tragedy …. I recall way back this book disillusioned me (speaking of Freud) of progressive efficiency http://www.amazon.com/Conservation-Gospel-Efficiency-Progressive-1890-1920/dp/0822957027


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