A scent heterotopia

by Kasia

I HATE PERFUME  ( 93 Wythe Avenue )

Scent is the record of your own special life – it is your experience.

The mission is to capture that experience.

One can custom blend different scents in order to create that invisible place or a portrait of oneself.

The Shop functions as a Heterotopia, it does exists, and the “perfume” one creates by mixing a variety of scents is a Utopia.

AT the same time, that “utopia” created can also be a Heterotopia in it’s 6th principle.

“The space of illusion exposes every real space.”

Let’s say I name my perfume “Dusting off Nostalgia” and I blend these scents:

1. Old Suitcases ( form my parents’ attic, I remember the smell and the place from when I was 9 yrs old )

2. Amber ( I walked on a beach of Baltic Sea and found a tiny piece of amber )

3. Fresh Linen ( Grandmother’s house )

Each one of those scents is an actual physical space. The blend of all of them creates the space of “other”, that perfect space. A scent heterotopia.



  jennykane324 wrote @

I love this! It’s so true that certain smells transport you to identifiable past places and I love how this combination creates such a vivid new visual and olfactory space.

  lockbird wrote @

I really loved the description of your “heteroperfume”! I very often do the same thing as well, trying to think what would the perfect smell be like… Mine usually involves a burnt match, chocolate cake baking in the kitchen, fresh laundry and soil after rain! :)


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