Post your site tags to the WASTEmap

Everyone please add your  site tags to the WASTEmap, which is set up as a custom google map called [urbanmedialabWASTEmap].  Since the google map can accommodate media rich descriptions, there is no longer any need to post your site tags to our course website as blog contributions. A few bullet points about the google map:

  • You should have each already received and confirmed an invitation to this map as a collaborator; if you have not, or you are confused, email me immediately.
  • If you’re new to google maps and could use some how-tos, see this Google Maps User Guide.
  • Once you click the edit button to the upper right of the map name and description, you will see a toolbar. You will tag your sites using the icon tool, or the line/shape tool (again, see user guide for very simple how-to. If I could figure this out, then you can. I am old. And not media savvy.)
  • When choosing a color for your site marker, please refer to the map key for classification of sites.
  • Once you drag your icon (or draw a shape), an editing box will pop up. This is where you are filling out your site description! USE the rich text and HTML editing functions to format your description, add text, image, video, etc… Your google map site tags should be as interesting and dynamic as the ones that were posted to the blog last week.
  • From here, the field is wide open… As you play with it, experiment broadly, and please make any and all suggestions re the interface itself.
  • Note this week you are choosing two sites to tag, rather than picking from a list. (The course schedule has been updated with all readings and site tag directives.)

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