(99) Cacotopia Fantasies

Did anyone else find it odd that there wasn’t much appealing about either the wasteful or wasteless cacotopia?  Perhaps that was the point – that this is the “best of all possible worlds”. Seems doubtful for a publisher like Sierra Books.  The wasteful cacotopia didn’t have much going for it in the way of Caligula (although Roman indulgence is alluded to briefly) or simple delights of indulgence, nor did it have the heroic tragedy of old lame-footed Oedipus who was indeed abandoned as a deformed child … And the wasteless fantasy was more Jetsons than a pardise populated with houri or Beatrice (if one must settle for one love in one’s fantasies).  And the food of course also reflects the sense that pleasure is unnecessary. That’s a waste if there ever was one: the waste the biological capacity to enjoy food.

 I found both uptopian and dystopian strains here more Calvinist than hedonist. I suppose so people do fantasize about redemption instead of sin. But aren’t there more common fantasies about waste? That one enjoys a wasteful life without consequence or that one dies with meaning (wasteless)? I found these fantasies to be the worst of both worlds, not really fantasies at all, but an argument that earthly society is corrupt no matter what.


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