High Line New York

Gala Lutteroth

Foucault mentions that the third principle of the heterotopia is that “is capable of juxtaposing in a single real space several spaces, several sites that are in themselves incompatible.” as I read this I couldn´t help but think about High Line and the way they managed to create a park on the abandoned rail road tracks.

This not only serves as a garden, which Foucault clearly states as a universalizing heterotopia that allows the whole world to fit in to a reduced space. But it allows the efforts of architects, designers and gardeners, to rediscover a space that was on the verge of demolition and inject it with new life.  I might also mention that the High Line is one of my favorite places in Manhattan, preferably in the summer.


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  lockbird wrote @

I think that your choice was excellent and I could not agree more that the High Line is perfect example of a heterotopia. It is really interesting how something that was “dead” got a radically new meaning and reformed a whole neighborhood.


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