Thought this might have an appeal

Seeing how most of us were drawn into the abandoned and the ways in which they are being revived or at least interacted with by subsets of society. I thought this documentary might interest people. I’ve been searching for it via free streaming but haven’t had much luck. Will update if I do. In the mean time anyone with netflix and has an interest should definitely check it out. It wasn’t as wild as I had hoped but definitely worth a watch. The urban explorers in the documentary find ways of capturing images and footage that could only be seen within these forgotten sites. Touching on issues of the forgotten and the now out of place many of these sites seem to fit in with the concepts of the week and to top it all off our brave explorers take us on a tour of (if I remember correctly) the Parisian catacombs where they attend a party! I found that part slightly distasteful but to each their own. Hope you enjoy!


By Ray


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