Newtown Creek Water Treatment Plant visit??

Lara, Gala and I were talking last night about taking a field trip here this Friday.

Visitor Center at Newtown Creek

General Public hours are Fridays, 12-4pm,

Visitor Center at Newtown Creek
329 Greenpoint Avenue
Greenpoint, Brooklyn NY, 11222
(Enter at the intersection of Greenpoint Avenue and Humboldt Street.)

Any interest?




  waking2dream wrote @

i wanna come along. Pls let me know when you guys are planning the lovely field trip.
646 287 1901

  jessica wrote @

You beat me to the punch! Terrific idea. I’d like to make these informal visits a regular thing over the course of the semester. I will not be able to go tomorrow, but I will likely be able to visit the following Friday (2.18) and will let you know later today. If that’s the case, those who interested in this site can choose which Friday better suits their schedule, and we can gather in a couple different groups. Jessica

  jessica wrote @

And whether it’s this Friday or next, we’ll also want to check out the quarter-mile nature walk designed by artist George Trakas – here’s a great read w/video on Urban Omnibus:

There’s a fountain somewhere by Vito Acconci as well.

  jennykane324 wrote @

What about meeting at the visitor center tomorrow at
12pm? Does that work for anyone? And yes, nature walk sounds great!

  laragheintz wrote @

Hiya- so I know we talked about this yesterday but I actually have a meeting that will probably go until about 1:30. Do you know if these are specific meeting times at the plant or is it open all day? If not I think the idea of groups going both Fridays is a great idea!

  galalutteroth wrote @

I am in for this Friday!! and 12:00 at the visitors center sounds good to me see you there.

  jessica wrote @

Hi all,
I will indeed be able to go next Friday at noon whoever wants to join me the second time around. Enjoy the trip today Jenny, Kasia, Gala, et al… I look forward to hearing about it!

  cindypound wrote @

this sounds super fun. alas, day job gets in the way for me. looking forward to hearing all about it!

  99hooker wrote @

I could get there around 3 – so


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