Quantifying in the Kitchen


On Quantifying Trash:

What’s actually quite amazing is how much NYC trash has changed since Elizabeth Royte started investigating garbage in 2002.  Now much of what she catalogued in her trash could be re-cycled, including all the plastic bags at supermarket drop-offs, the bottles, juice boxes, milk cartons, tin foil, etc in city recycling,  the textiles at Textile Recycling and the vegetable and fruit scraps taken to free public composting.   I like that the city is making a huge effort to make recycling and re-use widespread and easy though it still seems a drop in the bucket.


“The choices we make have repercussions far and wide.” (p.10)  –The Greenpeace video that Cindy posted is an excellent example of how our electronic consumption (and corporate greed)  has terrible environmental and human consequences in developing nations.

As I’m getting ready to move from my small east village tenement apartment,  I’m a bit overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I’ve amassed over the years.  And since I recently missed several e-recycling events (one at the New School in December)  I will be obliged to move with me a bounty of e-waste –an old printer, several laptops, old phones and chargers,  the CD player that hasn’t worked in years, a radio  — and wait for the next one.



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  cindypound wrote @

hey jenny, tekserve – in conjunction with the lower east side ecology center – has ewaste recycling drives every few months. go to tekserve.com and you can sign up for their mailing list…and you’ll hear about the next one…i took a whole bunch of old electronics to one of their events in january….



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