150,000 Horses

by Duncan

Heather Rogers’ claim that in 1880 there were 150,000 horses in Manhattan got me pretty excited, probably from my time in Philly and hearing about this urban stable there, profiled happily above by This American Life. Full disclosure, though: the largest informal stable, at one time holding nearly 50 horses, has since been demolished/a>, following a series of PSCPCA health code violations and an alleged rotting horse corpse. Last year, someone from Temple interviewed Ellis Ferrell, the guy who started the riding club. He hadn’t given up on the idea, but was feeling downtrodden about his now-officially-ostracized community project: “We helped keep kids out of jail. This was a safe haven, where kids went to get away from trouble. But it seems to me, the way the system is in Philadelphia, they’d rather have the kids in jail and make money off them.”


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