(99) Sailor Sausage

Wow – As an American I love this idea of making hotdog shaped foods out of waste.  Which article has the dead cat, rat and “puppy” sausage!  Puppies!  Sounds too good to be true. I smell a martketing writer at work.  Why not kittens instead of cats?  Regardless,this was before Upton Sinclair wrote up the reciepe noting that Union Workers could be added to the mix.  Nowadays it may seem quaint to quantify organic matter when there are things like Mad Cow and E Coli that can turn a burger from nasty to deadly.


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  jennykane324 wrote @

Re Sausage — it was Heather Rogers – p 38 — and what truly horrified me was that whatever dregs remained from the sausage making -“a debris of material too thoroughly saturated with street-mire to be considered savory” were then sold to coffee makers ‘ who desiccated and partially carbonized it before mixing it with chicory.’ !!!!


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