(99) The Golden Age of Waste

Ask and ye shall recieve! 

Consumerism is the basic social relationship replacing customary bonds”   Rogers quoting Ewans

and the segmentation, and passive workers into active consumers

I knew I liked this just seeing the title “The Golden Age of Waste”

I wonder if anyone has tried to study whether the obsolence of products has any effect on the obsolecing of belief or if the process remains fairly safe from critical thought.  Seems that the first wave on capitialsit development throws all kinds of age old beliefs into high relief, but then assumes same kind of immersive power as any religion or social relationship of yore?  Or maybe the “free-floating anxiety” (which isn;t free at all) and borderline personality disorders etc are evidence that this kind of incessant disposale of huge chunks of one’s world does have some actual effect?


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