(99) The Waster Makers

Enjoyed this.  Some gr8 source quotes I will make use of … kept thinking if only this guy was a Marxist … but then Debord would be out of a job … but yeah the solution is to put as few material resources as possible into the object and hype up its exchange value to quasi-religious stature – voila The Spectacle, the flexibility and low cost of obsolecence within the Image Economy – another argument for the visual turn of culture.  I recall my Dad being so outraged by Planned Ob (along with football plays designed to make someone fumble) – there really was a loss of capitialist innocence when Profit & Loss analysis began being alligned to the divisions of time required by an ever-accelerating circuit of capitial – is it possible to provide tax incentives for the purchase of long lasting objects?  Can we divide them into those that will not fundemnentally obsolence as a tool, such as a shovel or even a suit?


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