(99) Waste to the Left to Me, Waste to the Right …

Okay so I’ve been puked on three times in the last 12 hours

And other events that need not be detailed

And it gotr me thinking how I feel so sad for my little guy feeling so sick.  And hugging his stinky little body I thought (because I am overeducated) that this was not unlike people who looked upon the pollutued skies of Pittsburg and felt the joy of progress, but yes, indeed because I love my little guy, I feel even more for him when he is covered in waste

Anyway, I also thought about the movie someone posted about artists in Brazil dump that had a tag about the magic moment of transformation which reminded me of the argument that Enlightenment Science is based on this desire for transformation (some would say belief in it) as society moved from being to having (and finally to appearing to have)  and how these artists are actually alligned with the process of production and consumption, esp as they are converting waste into a commodity (at least for this movie).  Interesting.  i want to see this movie and see if any of the artists see themselves as such


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