@Storefront tomorrow night: Manifesto 03 – Eco-Redux

This event may be of interest to some of you @ Storefront for Art and Architecture on Friday, February 25, at 7pm

Manifesto 03 – Eco-Redux


launching: EcoRedux: Design Remedies for an Ailing Planet (Architectural Design)

Storefront for Art and Architecture presents Manifesto Series 03: Eco-Redux showcasing 77 points [11 speakers] towards a new methodology of action for the 21st century. The event will feature: Chris Perry, Eva Franch i Gilabert, Jimenez Lai, Lydia Kallipoliti, Mark Wigley, Matthias Hollwich & Marc Kushner (HWKN), Michael Young, Michelle Addington, Mitchell Joachim (Terreform ONE), Peder Anker , Rafi Segal

About the book:
In the history of ideas, discourses get recycled. Concepts emerge as allegedly new, though ideas undergo long journeys of migration from one epistemological field to another. EcoRedux allegorically brings back to life a 1972 issue of AD, which outlined an emerging environmental consensus in the postwar period: a form of ‘synthetic naturalism’, where the laws of nature and metabolism were displaced from the domain of wilderness to the domain of cities and buildings.


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