(99) Wasting Time

Perhaps preceeding or following these analysis there is an even more disturbing consideration of the places people are waiting to go. If Debord is right that tourism brings people to the latest place made banal, or if the various civil appoitnments are confrontations with state appartus which do not work in our interests, or if even those family reunions are corrupted by the spectacular forces that seek to rebuild society without community, than the wating is even worse.  Where are we driving to?  And what happens to that anger? And does management of these responses help?  The idea that there could be a pill for PTSD utterly freaked me out. In fact it made me wonder if there is a beta test group I could sign up for (provided reading disturbing stuff is officially recognized as traumatic.) Wow. A general told Ho Chi Minh on the eve of an absurd war with the French (HCM told the French you will kill 10 of us and we will kill 1 of you, but it will be you who grow tired) that suffering brings maturity. I’m not saying one needs to be shot, but a world without trauma seems very traumatic to me. Removing the capacity to suffer while not addressing the capacity for cruelty seems incredibly perverse, especially if one believes most institutional cruelty is preventable (allocating resources, weak identification with groups).

Anyway, I had thought i would try to put my ideas in poetry to make for a shorter post and not waste so much time, but i realized poetry actually takes more time to read (and write).

The Enron story rang very true – the autonmous functioning of the economy.  The attempt to match the demands of capitialism with human resources that need to be trashed. The only thing about Enron is that it epitomizes a failed regime.  What is more telling are the many organizations that continue to extract practical and abstrract labor at faster and faster rates, and are indeed rewarded for their efforts.

I likeed the 7 inch story (which now enjoys a retro cool and anti-establishment vogue). I usually like coordianting media and sociology. [New York magazine had a few  interesting things to say about behavior and porn on the web recently (http://nymag.com/nymag/toc/20110207/ (which had a sexy pop up ad for some vacation when I accessed the site)]. “Credit takes the wait out of want.”  A great line. Perhaps a contradiction in capitialism will turn out to be a need and inability to manufacture enough wants. Boredom is not the great enemy (Baudelaire) but ultimately (after all the fish have been eaten) revolutionary: “nothing to be done.”  Okay, hope I haven’t wasted anyone’s time.

Wait.  A few more thoughts.

Only at specific points does loitering become a crime.

Been reading jail poetry – doing time. The state wastes your time, makes you wait.

I like old people who are direct and don;t have time to waste – a different sort of efficiency than Enron.

I don’t waste enough time. The more I do the faster my life disappears.


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