Communism, a waste of time

by Kasia

In our last class, we talked about how  garbage, or let’s call it “waste” for the  purpose of my comment, is a result of a Capitalist System.

Now, I will briefly talk about Communism and how that produced another type of waste, not garbage, but extreme wasting of time, in ways of never ending  lines. To also link it back to the class two weeks ago, the system resulted in numerous Terrains Vague, grand, empty stores, open to the public but with nothing to show for on the shelves.

I caught the very last leg of race of Communism as a child growing up in Poland. Some of my very early memories are of lines. Lines everywhere. My dad waiting on line. My brother waiting on line. Me waiting on line to buy some crappy school supplies.

There was money. There was just nothing to spend it on. As a result, there was a collective cultural wasting of hours, days, months. People had jobs, but other then that, they wondered around aimlessly or waited for stores to get supplies so they can line up.


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  jennykane324 wrote @

“Black Friday”
I think this is an example of capitalist consumerism run amok where people line up for hours to get into stores to buy things and get ‘deals’.

This shopping day, the Friday after Thanksgiving, has become an over-hyped extravaganza that has caused bargain-hunting consumers to rampage stores, tear displays apart, trample over other shoppers. At a Wal-Mart “blitz day” in Long Island in 2008, one worker was killed when the crowd burst through the doors.
(see John Seabrook’s Feb 7th New Yorker article “Crush Point” on crowd control and the wal-mart stampede.)

So, unlike in the communist stores and the lines Kasia writes about, here is unbridled capitalism at work, and people waiting, wasting time, on line (and now also on-line for internet sales events) to purchase things that companies have convinced them they must have.


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