“I was sooo wasted last night… what happened??”

by Kasia
I’ve been thinking about the link betweeen a commonly used term “being wasted”, a state of utter, uber intoxication, and the loss of time, memories that come as an effect of being wasted.
The time wasted or “wiped out”  during the state of “being wasted” is a time one cannot measure. Timeless. Depending on the intoxican, one can waste from an hour to a day of completely not remembering what happened.
Furthermore, one consciously chooses to enter the “unconscious” waste of time. The time wasted is welcomed. It is excused by the “excess” of whatever drink/drug one takes. The wasted time, is no longer accountable for by the person who takes the drug but for the drug itself. Therefore it is a more, in a way, acceptable wasting of time then let’s say sitting around watching soap operas. The latter is culturally frawned upon as a waste of one’s “valuable daytime” time, mostly affiliated with the lower class, less educated, where the waste of time due to intoxication, since it is something that mostly happens, not during the “productive daytime hours” but at night, is understandable, has less of a social stigma.


  duncan wrote @

More accepted also because drinking is more social; the performative folding of the drinker into the bar community, alcohol’s symbolic place in relationships. Barthes says that, at least, and also this: “[Wine] is before anything else a substances of conversion, capable of transforming situations and states, extracting from objects their inverse: to make, for instance, a weak person of a strong one, or an extrovert out of an introvert.” Conversion points to another possible “waste” corollary… “extracting from objects their inverse” tied to “the joy of cleansing impurities”… “I was wasted” as in my self was cast aside… the idea that in the communal sociality of drunkenness, individuals lay waste to their asocial flaws, pushing anti-group, anti-consumption behaviors to the margins. I can’t decide how naïve a picture of alcohol-consumption this is. An assembly line of drunks would build shitty cars, but they wouldn’t get too caught up in it.

  cindypound wrote @

being wasted is being in time without being in time. a black out is a state of time passing with no conscious connection to it. no memory = time did not exist. and yet time in fact passed. people abuse alcohol and drugs because of the discomfort they feel largely in relation to time. boredom. anxiety. in short not wanting to “be” where they are. as human beings we do an awful lot to try and manage the fundamental discomforts we have with time. drinking and drugs is just one example. being “wasted” also i think in way is a value judgment – offered both by ourselves and supported by our social understanding of time as productive in general – which acknowledges that nothing “productive” happens in a state of extreme inebriation.

  lockbird wrote @

What I find really interesting though is that, along with “being in debt” by overcharging credit cards, “being wasted” is another state that we are eager to put ourselves in. The same way we are spending more money that we can afford to – leading to debts and self-loathing, the same way we are drinking more than we can manage – leading to [literal] “time-wasting” and a huge hangover. In both cases, we chose to do that excess, we chose, or even tried…”pursued”…to put ourselves in more difficult future situation, while knowing all the ramifications.


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