Productivity tools

How about Ron Popeil’s many labor-saving kitchen devices that he has hawked on TV for decades? He was the consummate pitchman who honed his skills at state and county fairs in the 50s and still outsells most. “But wait, there’s more…..”   Known as the king of the informercial,  since the 60’s he has sold millions of kitchen gadgets to people who didn’t know they needed them- the chop-o-matic, the veg-o-matic ( “it slices, it dices…”)  the automatic pasta (and sausage maker)  —  homemade pasta in 5 minutes,  the Showtime Rotisserie and barbecue oven  (“set it and forget it”.)

I think he both saved people a lot of time chopping and dicing etc and contributed to wasted time viewing the entertaining infomercials (and the must-see Saturday Night Live parody – the bass-o-matic.) – videos



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