Sitting on a couch, a threat to the system???

by Kasia

Ray writes in his comment, “Teenagers..are not ensnared in the clutches of boredom or anxiety”. How so so true.
I think that the simple act of unconscious boredom, time not wasted in an eye of a teenager, is what our society deems as a threat. A threat to the existing social order.
The spaces of transition the teenagers find themselves in, in the eye of an adult, are often looked upon as symbols of declining demoracy, the kids are not active citizens. Time wasted sitting on a couch or hanging out at a mall is looked upon as a potential threat to the entire system.



  cindypound wrote @

i agree about the “threat to the system” issue…this all harks back to the old adage “idle hands to the devil’s work”, but i’m not sure about teenagers not being ensnared in boredom or anxiety. i for one sure was. :-)

  laragheintz wrote @

This reminds me of how increasingly, free time is seen as “idle” time for kids. There have been a slew of articles lately discussing the trend in scheduling children’s time- for classes, workshops and other activities, just so this marginal time when they are not in school is accounted for- and not used for play or “sitting on the couch”. What is deemed as something undesirable, a threat- time that isnt accounted for – is actually probably really important for kids and teenagers.

  jennykane324 wrote @

Yes- this relates to the idea of returning to “free play” for kids as opposed to the constant scheduled activities. I remember summers as a kid as a time free from adult supervision and few scheduled events and a time to run wild. It wasn’t that we were always busy but I rarely remember feeling bored.


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