Paper – timeless Productivity Platform

Can anything really beat Paper as far as Productivity Platforms go? Not for me.

Here’s how I optimize my life with paper:

Plan meals. Plan vacations. Track diets and weight

Shopping lists. Lists of stuff, stuff to buy, stuff to see

Keep a budget

Draft bday wishes. Draft break up emails

Meditate with mindless scribbles

Create a funnel to hold food. Create a funnel to hold water. Create a funnel to hold fuel

Fuel a fire. Keep myself warm

Keep myself nice and clean

Make art

Hide behind it

Here are a few things I have not yet used it for:

Signal for help

Make clothes

Use it as a weapon

by Kasia




  jennykane324 wrote @

Yes! Paper is why I prefer real books over electronic.
Paper in shoes or boots for warmth
And although recycling may just be an” aspirin alleviating a rather large collective hangover” (Rathje)
I do feel better knowing it’s being re-used somewhat.

  cindypound wrote @

ha! i love that recycling hangover quote. was planning to work it into my blog contributions this week somehow. thanks for getting there before me!

i’ve totally embraced the electronic revolution – kindle, iphone, emails, digital lists, calendar, etc. but i also find something more intimate and tangible about writing things down physically. there is a connection to the idea, feeling, task, etc. that is somehow more concrete with the act of writing that of typing. for a long time i was using digital tools AND making lists…i was that freaky about time management. a good habit got distorted and went a bit dysfunctional. i was waiting more time trying to manage time than i was saving!


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