Productivity Site (Lifehacker) and Non-Productivity Site (Do Nothing)

By Jen is about “Tips, tricks, and downloads for getting things done” — usually tech-oriented.  Here are some sample posts from the site that claim to streamline and accelerate workflows:

How to organize your inbox
How to tweak a google search

I visit the site often — probably more often than is productive. It seems that I am tragically addicted to wasting time by looking for ways to not waste time.

And it makes me wonder: when did productivity stop being a means to an end, but the goal in and of itself?  Why do I constantly look to technology to improve my efficiency?

And here’s another site that also addresses the problem of info overload, but from a totally different angle:
Do Nothing for Two Minutes

I was surprised by how difficult it was for me to sit through the full two minutes without clicking.  But clearly, it’s hit a cultural nerve … according to TechCrunch, the site went from zero to 1 million unique visitors in 6 days (with the average time spent on site being 46 seconds).


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  cindypound wrote @

there is literally no end to the programs, tools, literature, training, etc. designed to help us maximize the use of time. “the one minute manager”. “the four hour work week”. “first things first.” these are just a few of the staples of most management training programs, which incidentally is largely about learning to efficiently manage time. and personalities. but mostly time.


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