productivity tools: when unintentional – often hilarious results – ensue

by cindy

We all know about autcorrect tools – in Microsoft Word, on our iPhones – that are supposed to save us time by knowing what we want to say before we type it.

This technology is of course imperfect and can be frustrating when you have to undo the output of the tool in order to be properly understood.

But sometimes the tool moves faster than we do – or perhaps we trust it too much – and the words just type themselves.  And often hilarious misunderstanding ensues.  So from trying to be productive we end up “wasting time” laughing about and sharing the unintended results.  And of course there’s a web site where this is all captured and shared:

Damn You Autocorrect.

Warning: the results are sometimes a bit R – rated.  I’m assuming no one will be offended. :-)


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