The art of “wasting time”

“Nowadays, all waiting, any procrastination, all delays turn into a stigma of inferiority.” Bauman

Even tough I had seen this happened everyday around me, I had never actually given much thought to the fact that those higher on the social scale are allowed to avoid waiting, they skip lines and waiting lists, they cut to chase and in order so they can have more time of “their own”.

But what does time of your own really means? What do you do with your spare time?  In a way its all about avoiding time wasting in order to have more time to waste, I find it all a bit ironic to be honest. As Lara said time only has only the value we assign to it.

Therefore I do believe, that it is in the waiting, in those “wasted moments” that life occurs, a great part of the trip is the actual road. Is not matter of getting there is the way you took.

By Gala


The British film Cashback began as a short and because of its success it was later turned into a film, here is a link to the first part of the short, which I find deals with the notion of wasting time in a nice way, if you haven’t seen the film do it, its all about wasting time.


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  lockbird wrote @

Even though I hadn’t thought about the fact that “more privileged” people tend to have more “time of their own”, it is certainly something that is happening, and in general, it’s actually scary if you think about how many “time-saving” luxuries can one indulge into by having a certain social status, or bank account. On a different note though, I agree with you again that sometimes the “journey” is what counts more, the “time you spent” to get there.

Finally, “Cashback” is an excellent movie and I am jealous that I did not remember of it first! Exactly on the subject that we’re talking about and very “literal” about it, concerning the “time is money” part, especially when he says that “he gives them 8 hours, they give him money”. I love that fim!


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