Apps save time?

By Lara

I typed “productivity” into google just for the heck of it to see what came up. I had never even thought of “apps” as being a new sort of productivity platform and yet here it is- a list of apps that have successfully been approved into the category of things to make better use of your time (barcode scanners, battery doctor, file scanners, pocket informers….) or simply to make sure preemptively that it’s not wasted (remember the milk, Calengoo).

I wonder how these apps made this list, and also how much time they actually end up saving…



  jessica wrote @

And if you google “top 10 productivity apps”, you will find list upon list upon list of the best of the best ways of making better use of your time!

  Victoria wrote @

My favorite ridiculous “time saving” app is Type n Walk. You can now walk and text at the same time without the danger of being run over on the streets of NY. It provides a visual on the phone of what is happening on the street a few feet ahead through a camera so you can look at your phone while you type. Here is an interesting NY times article on it


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