Jen mentioning Lifehacker made me think of David Allen’s GTD which I discovered on their site. I think it was mentioned in one of our first classes but for those unfamiliar, Allen developed an organizational system on how to Get Things Done that deals with time management by way of prioritizing and the drives the importance of planning. It’s interesting that he doesn’t tell us anything we don’t already know which is essentially to prioritize, write things that need to get done down, and plan before you get started to save time. However, it seems our mind needs a ‘method’ to follow in order to put these ideas into action. The idea that we need to be conscious of not wasting too much time. Like when I sit in front of the computer all day, I often allow myself a couple hours to cruise the Internet and read or watch tidbits about things I find interesting and limit myself so I don’t spend the whole day procrastinating/being unproductive. So it seems the ultimate efficient productivity tool would be a clock, the idea of time itself. If you waste too much time, it will run out and the day will be over before you would have accomplished anything you were supposed to do. The idea of procrastination is also an interesting one, as you seem to be drawn to wasting time doing everything you can think of except what you’re required to do. On that note, here is a fun video on procrastination: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXziurFkQxM

Procrastination is..watching this video?




  cindypound wrote @

when i first saw this i thought it read “GTL” from jersey shore…and i was excited to see how you were going to draw a connection….!

GTD reminds me of an expression that Elvis was famous for: TCB. “Takin’ care of business.” My friends and I actually use this terms to describe time we are planning to spend doing “productive” things. As in “hey, what are you up to this afternoon? wanna hang out?” response: “actually i’m gonna TCB for the afternoon, what about grabbing a bite tonight?” :-)

  jessica wrote @

Here’s a pretty interesting Wired profile of David Allen and his “cult of hyperefficiency”:


(Apparently he was committed in the 70’s!)

  99hooker wrote @

thanks for the video … gr8 animation …. “Procrastination is trying to avoid the inevitable!” Yup, as in everything becomes waste with time


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