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(99) Gala’s Photo Icons

I LOVE the idea that  people discard their gods. That which cannot be alligned or assimilated. When I think of Gala’s question about disappointed prayers I think of all the TVs on the street.


(99) Recycling Anne Frank

A classic example of how repression merely amplifies its subject, the censoring of Anne’s frank  thoughts about sexuality led to her being sex-ed up by fiction writer in this apparently trashy novel (I have not read it)

Anne’s all-too-reasonable thoughts about sex point up the fragmentation of thought created by the sorting of value, especial when the body cannot be accounted for materially

“If mothers don’t tell their children everything, they hear it in bits and pieces, and that can’t be right.”

There is more at following link for those interested.  I love  Dad  and knowlegde juxtaposing  the mystery of procreation with prostitution – some serious sorting of experience at work. It is interesting to see a young mind trying to sort out these bits and pieces.

(99) Kafka and Paper Authority

Has anyone been following this story? It is great.

Judith Butler is one of my favorite media theorists who likes destablizing things

If you read the article check out the letters at the bottom – fascinating: this one in particular

From Martin Jenkins

The juxtaposition of Judith Butler’s article and Jim Holt’s review of The Shallows suggests one possible solution to the problem of Kafka’s legacy (LRB, 3 March). Assuming it were in his or her power, a presiding judge could make it a condition of ownership that the entire archive, every last scrap of it, be digitised and made freely available in suitable downloadable format over the internet. Anyone, anywhere could then construct a personalised version of the archive, organised in any way they saw fit. The physical location of the original material would become a matter of little importance, of interest only to paper fetishists and the odd forensic scientist, for goodness knows what arcane research project. More properly, the papers themselves would be destroyed once digitisation were complete, finally honouring Kafka’s wishes, and leaving the work itself truly weg von hier, for if anywhere meets the conditions of a destination that, as Judith Butler puts it, is not a place as we know a place to be, it is surely cyberspace, or whatever we choose to call it these days.

(99) Paperless Authority & Henry Miller on Waste

The fact that e society no longer needs material legitization in form of Kafka-esque paper work is interesting – it could be argue history is forgotten by the winners. So hard to pin down authority and power as expressed acorss the web, but the reversal of fortune, the fluid, informal state is no less powerful, maybe more so. Reminds me of great Henry Miller quote “When shit becomes valuable the poor will be born without assholes.

(99) Paper Tiger, No Stomache for Sorting

Interesting to think that marginialzed communities like Herstory will have paper archive whereas official culture is losing its capacity to legitimize itself as it expresses itself in ephemeral e world. I’ve been taking screen shots of one site every few months to have some documentation of the flux (come to Critical Themes if interested). I am struck by the propensity of self-help books encourage people to live in the now when in fact that seems to me what they do too much … but of course attachment demands loss

The internalizing of waste and monetizing of waste through industry, education may result from necessity – the planet has fewer and fewer Other places (as radiation measured in NY yesterday attests). When there is no clean water one must drink whatever and be made aware of that. This necessity could be rejoinder to Nietzsche’s idea that creators need the stomache to lay waste. That decision is already made.  Current problem of managing one’s thoughts about waste is not being able to live with them. Unassimilated thoughts get sent to the unconscious where consciousness dumps what it cannot process (or vice versa depending on school of thought – unconcsicous has its productive nature filtered up or repressed by the allowances of consciousness)

Anyway, had me thinking as I was walking in the rain of the time I became person non grata in a Marx class by suggesting that being non-productive was the truly revolutionary act – forget equal pay, rather aggitate for no work … always the dreamer.  But was reminded of all this today listening to bells of Hoboken  – there is a counter to dynamism of Western Capitiialism in Confucianism in so far as it is a conservative philosophy, summed up in “Essays on Idleness” in which cranky monk writes things like “So why did we need a new bell? Old one was fine.”  Anyone who has had to spend a lot of time with war survivors knows how tedious the “use it till it disintegrates” mode can be – also embarassing as the old folks put all the crackers at the diner in their pockets … but it is an alterantive to endless innovation. Non-productive is of course impossible, but less could be more

e-recycling events!

This may be just in time for some of our spring cleaning!

Lower East Side Ecology Center is having  e-recycling events all over the city starting this weekend.

found paper relics rewriting “literary” classics

by cindy

a propos of what we discussed in class today, this just in on