deadly waste

In reading Davis’ Slum Ecology, what struck me the most is how waste disposal and garbage effects people. There are instances where one’s class is not exempt from the effects of poor waste management. I recently watched the VBS documentary “Toxic Napoli” where illegal waste dumps run by The Camorra, Italy’s largest mafia, and four incinerators, built as an effeort to deal with all the garbage, are leading to a pandemic onslaught of health problems in Naples and the surrounding areas. Unlike the third world slums Davis talks about, Naples is one of the more economically rich cities in Italy. Residents moved there because they wanted a safe place to raise their families. The garbage dumps and polluted air have caused health problems in the residents, contaminated crops, and even mutated sheep in the countryside. As a sign of complete disregard for the health of residents, The Camorra is said to be behind the dumping of thousands of tons of illegal waste all along the streets across this once beautiful landscape. The incinerators, built under the direction of Berlusconi, are sprawled in the middle of the city, creating toxic air for its inhabitants and the people have no control or say in the matter.

By Vicky


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Here’s a clip from PRI’s On the World about this. The Naples garbage problem is another example of foisting off the problem onto a poorer region. The south of Italy has traditionally been neglected by the wealthier north and the people have had little political clout (which has also led to Camorra control. )


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