Disaster Capitalism, Haiti and New Orleans

by s.o.

After reading the article on slum Ecology I was reminded of Naomi Klein’s book The Shock Doctrine, in which she outlines this idea of disaster capitalism, which explains the process of the neo-liberal restructuring of countries during times of chaos or distress,in the case of Haiti, a natural disaster.

Naomi Klein Issues Haiti Disaster Capitalism Alert: Stop Them Before They Shock Again.

Additionally in thinking about this quote from Slum Ecology, “Slums begin with bad ecology”, I could not help but think of Katrina, and those most directly effected by the breach in the Levees. After Katrina dozens of tent cities emerged which housed the recent homeless in addition to an influx of inhabitants seeking work.



  jennykane324 wrote @

Yes and they were also housed in completely sub-standard trailer homes which turned out to be toxic. But, no surprise, the company who was given the government contract made a lot of money from the deal.

  cindypound wrote @

related to this is what happened in jamaica’s economy when it was “saved” by the IMF…the infusion of rescue capital left the island nation hobbled with so much debt to service that it has been forced to allow multinationals in to develop new economies…and push the local ones out…there is a very good documentary about this topic called “Life and Debt” which I recommend…



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