Information overload

For those of you that don’t watch Portlandia

and here’s a silly take on IOL by Xerox.

by Kasia



  cindypound wrote @

i love the collage of all of the audio branding of these technologies…the sound of ichat, incoming email, status updates, etc. a way of making electronic information consumption feel emotional…and deserving of our immediate attention.

  99hooker wrote @

Didnt know Portlandia – very funny (esp as Huffington was bought by AOL recently – who also bought 3 day exclusive on Britney video – getting those eyeballs on way or another) . One thing I would like to see more of is how the ryhtme is not connected to tech – my favorite example is how tri state drivers run red lights eventhough they know they can only advance less than one block. They will do this without regard for grandma, baby strollers or whatever else might be cluttering the crosswalk. This compulsion to get ahead is so deeply engrained one has to stop and realize how absurd it is when people become irate that the escalator at the gym is broken, The spectacular divsion of time into fine segments is merely exemplified in the tech gadgets. As Junker would say they amplify social conditions, but turning them off doesn;t get to the larger determinants – there is a kind of tech determinism hidden in the “turn it off” solution.

  lockbird wrote @

wow, I did not know Portlandia either and I have to say that both clips were very funny and very much to the point! I agree with Cindy that it’s really interesting how they have managed to put together all these different noises that each that every one of them has a different meaning to our nerve system and how this overflow of aural information is just a glimpse of the actual information it represents. I found especially interesting one part of the second video, where they start eating the magazine they hadn’t read. It’s all about information gluttony; we don’t care what is that piece of information, we just want to devour it, as if we have been desensitized of our “eating preferences” and we just want to “get full”. But what does actually get digested?


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