(99) Data Deluge

Transperancy is a good topic.  It has its drawbacks, but I’ll try an cut down on ewaste and fcous on the biggest: privacy (as in the past) can designate what and where the public cannot go. Allen Ginsburg said the whole world can know everything about him IF he can know everything about everyone else.  This public disclosure would of course require that topics like pedophilia, drugs, homsexuality, madness and others would have be topics that could be discussed freely. Since the 70s when Ginsberg said this on being arrested for trying to make a public arrest of CIA recruiters in Colorado, the penalties for many kinds of speech have increased dramatically. So I think the underlying question is not information nor its control, but a tolerance of knowledge – that is information contextualized into odd, disturbing and Other patterns as opposed to targeting dempographics to sell the newest cheese straightener. A plethora of sneaker choices is not even close to being able to express a couple of different ideas in a public forum.


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  cindypound wrote @

interesting to think of the idea of public/private spheres as a “sorting” mechanism….the “bad” aspects of our private lives have for a long time metaphorically referred to in terms of dirt/trash…ie: airing someone’s dirty laundry, etc. the idea of online privacy (or lack there of) can resemble a certain kind of “gleaning”…trying to find those elements of a person’s electronic identity that have use value – be it the use value of scandal, the use value of commerce, etc.


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