(99) Deep dark shame

I’m sticking with my theory that the displacement, marginization, and hiding of waste is an outdated analysis based on psychanlaytic assumptions about shame, guilt, and waste and the need to reveal the underlying reality through the making such conscious in analysis ($150 an hour).  My sense is that America at least is delighted to roll around in the muck and not just mud wrestling spectacles.  And not just TV shows like Dirty Jobs, or Family Guy, but the carefree resignation to shit sandwiches (to quote a fictional review of spinal tap), shit housing, disposable grandparents, former chickens stamped into nuggets, to crap cars and fake solutions like Ethanol … but the point is not to make a laundry list of problems, the Middle Ages were no bed of roses, but the implausability of redemption, the absence of utopianism runs seems to me to run through everyday consumption. Waste is necessary, but without it being in service to something, it becomes deadly, it is taken to heart, it is what’s being served. The loss of utopian aspirations might be seen in the current desire to elimiate waste, to lay waste to waste, to believe in something like the Honda Zero Emmissions factory. Its like all you eat diet. The deep dark shame seems to me to be thriving in the light of day as entertainment with many laughing at the shit because we all know its shit. Ahhhh well, I ought to stop drinking so much coffee before I read this stuff



  cindypound wrote @

interesting. i wonder if this current trend of “embracing” of our own trash has you are finding evidence of in popular culture might be a form of guilt or shame in itself….not to get overly all psychoanalytical, but the past 10 years has us in generally feeling rather guilty about the trash that we generate…public discourse around this topic has been elevated quite a bit in the recent decade…and awareness in our culture of waste problems is has high as its ever been…so this is a way for pop culture to either twist the guilt and shame by embracing or revealing it…else its a form of social consciousness and/or social critique…look at wall-e…that whole movie was a lesson in sustainable waste disposal practices….in their best forms, these mass entertainment mechanisms can function as awareness builders…in their worse forms placating mechanisms allowing ourselves to feel good without having to change much in our behaviors…

  jessica wrote @

Right. To illustrate:
a) I imagine Wall-E has inspired/energized countless school curricula on environmental responsibility.
b) There are 964 results for Wall-E toys at Amazon:

  99hooker wrote @

This thread encourages me to stick with pop culture as evidence … I’ve been trying to make sense of Charlie Sheen. Xm/Sirius started a 24/7 channel devoted to his unfolding drama. I think one of the possible reasons for the fascination is his unrepentent attitude. I’ve always felt that if there is some superstardom awaiting a bad boy of politics who embraces their trashy behavior unlike E. Spitzer et al. Nietzsche would say modernity has lost its stomach for tragedy, for the necessary waste production/creativity entails. Relevence is thus not some academic sorting of information but an ongoing assertion that whatever one is doing is worth the collateral damage. Reversing the dailectic so that one person’s poison is another’s drink doesn’t seem to necessarily build to fortitude to accept the cost of any activity. Its is almost paralyzing to think about resolving the problem. Blind faith seems to produce more Westmorelands and Cheneys than (insert hero). The one thing I do feel that I know is that the cost is not justified by the product. Perhaps Cheops is overrated but so is Britney.


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