(99) Information Overload then and Now

Up until my mother’s days in college (1959) i was still common to have a commonplace book within whch one collected quotes and other bits. Indeed my recently departed pal who was older than my mother printed one through Proteus Gownaus Press Proteotypes. It used to be said that John Milton was the last person who could honestly imgine that he had read the relevent literature of his day. Perhaps one of the appeals of the Bible is the idea that one book fits all.  What is relevant? What is trash?  Nietzsche said bad eyesight saved him from too many books. How to sort? Did anyone ever know?  Maybe … I suspect the dust bin overflows even more than Nietzsche’s ubermensch



  jessica wrote @

Evernote: “Remember Everything | Capture anything | Access anywhere | Find things fast.”

  cindypound wrote @

i was heartened in a way by Blair’s article that suggested that ever since the creation of writing we’ve as a species/civilization have been grappling with the problem of information overload…the big problem used to be books…and people would then write books about how to manage too many books…the idea of MORE being the way always to solve the problem….just like now – ironically! – how we are all in a way adding to the burgeoning e-waste problem, the “big data” future by generating MORE in the form of this blog. :-)


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