(99) Jussi Parikka

Been looking around the sites, posts … went to Amazon to buy Spam book but it is $30.  But Insect Media now on wish list.  I see my professor Eugene Thacker is mentioned a couple times.  Recently i posted new Britney Spear’s video on my FB with a couple of thoughts (less than 144 characters!) and I got some crazy hate mail, from one person in particular who I had to trash (de friend). But in response to irriation with my “junk” posting I then posted three axioms for imbibing Britney 1.) The uncosncious is more revealing 2.) Analysis is interperative (Freud Dreams to Deleuze Schizophrenia) and 3) Unconscious is repressed history of class struggle (Debord)   I happily see these assumptions at work in Parilkka and will work to get these ideas into my thesis. Embrace spam indeed. One thing about viagra: it promises dumb founded desk chair cowboy an easy (buyable) way to perform like a porn star (or Britney) – sell the problem first, then the cure.



  jessica wrote @

99 – You may be interested in this book: http://www.upress.umn.edu/Books/B/bardini_junkware.html

  99hooker wrote @

THANKS WS Burroughs was indeed the source of “sell the sickness first then the cure” in referring to junk (heroin) SO yes this book looks gr8


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