(99) Some waste in Vietnam during the American War

I love this class because not a day goes by when I am not thinking about, running into, or mixing it up with waste … I have been pretty good about not obsessively linking Viet Nam to the discussion despite obvious waste wrought by that war on the land, the peoples on all sides, agent orange, not too mention the ideological waste, the surplus rotting, the sacrifice of fundamental American values for some magic bean counters thus institutionalizing the numb nuts Ike warned about … BUT as I said I’ve refrained from overflowing myself like a stopped up toilette … I got a book today on the infamous in-country American stockade called Long Binh Jail (yes, that’s right LBJ!). It experienced an Attica like uprising – but this paragraph just about sums up the whole American load is SE Asia:

“There was a Buddhist temple at one end of the stockade on the other side of the road and a small Vietnamese village behind it. This village had a well. Both the MP and stockade latrines were right next to the fence not twenty five feet from the well.  All the stuff from the latrines went right down into the [village] well.” Guard Powers, “Long Bihn Jail, An Oral History …” by Cecil Barr Currey (1999)


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