Royte, MADE of NEW YORK & furniture on the sidewalks

by Tassos Lockbird

1. I found Royte’s introduction to Garbage Land quite fascinating, as she immerses herself into her own waste and at the same time goes through a brief history of how NYC has dealt with these issues over the years. What struck me the most was when she is describing that more than 100 years ago households would be -without even trying to- much more responsible and careful about their waste. Various methods would be used in order to reuse “leftovers” of all kinds and in addition to that,  actions like giving away to peddlers their “waste” and get manufactured products in return are just surprisingly innovative and thoughtful.

2. As a site of material reuse I am suggesting a furniture company based in The Bronx [] that uses timber from old Manhattan buildings to create new home essentials. In opposition to that, I did not want to use a specific site of material refuse, but to juxtapose the hundreds of pieces of furniture we see everyday lying on the sidewalks, next to all sorts of garbage. It may be a bed, an armchair, a table, and so on. We all see many of them every day. I think it is really interesting -and important- to realize the existing contradiction between these two issues, which essentially deal with the same subject, furniture; as a form of material refuse and of material re-use.


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