When thinking about information security, the first thing that comes to mind is Wikileaks. Many articles, namely Cukier’s piece “Data, Data Everywhere”, brought up the problem of security that comes along with storing information in cyberspace and the hardware that we use to organize this information. In April of 2010, WikiLeaks released a video of a US helicopter in Baghdad firing down and killing 12 people, which led to the US army intelligent Bradley Manning, who allegedly provided the footage to Wikileaks. Apparently, the blame directed towards a  flashdrive that got into the wrong hands. How easily storage devices with important information on them can be forgotten or lost or stolen. Also brought up the idea of how we think of trash as gone forever, out of our sight, after we dispose of it. In fact, we don’t think of it at all. But what we hardly ever think about is the high possibility of people in Guiyu or other places where our old computers and cell phones are shipped to who go through our devices and have access to our personal information such as old text messages, photos, etc. It brought me back to the film Wasteland where garbage pickers go through our waste and can see what kind of person we are by analyzing the items we throw out.



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  cindypound wrote @

someone should do an art project which involves picking through ewaste, getting the data off the devices, and exhibiting it somehow in the context of “discarded lives” or “discarded identities.” oh wait, maybe i’ll do it. :-)


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