An interesting Op-ed last Friday for the plastics group by Susan Freinkel whose book “Plastic: A Toxic Love Story” is coming out in April.
Plastic: Too Good to Throw Away
The good and the bad of plastic – and how we need to put it to good use and curb our wasteful and damaging ‘throw-away’ habit.
I read this while contemplating a worn out plastic toothbrush and feeling guilty about throwing it in the trash. I am constantly confronted with this – the guilt over tossing something away, knowing it will end in landfill. But what to do with all those things that are not so easily recycled?   Or those pesky containers of extremely old left-overs?  (Or when the easiest option is the worst: like on a film set, throwing empty water bottles (yes, I know, very, very bad) into trash that I know wont be sorted… ) Despite good intentions, even “low impact” often seems just as un-obtainable as “no-impact”.



  cindypound wrote @

right now plastic feels like the bane of my waste curtailing existence. everything – EVERYTHING! – comes in some form of plastic packaging! i do eat healthy – no fast food, very little meat – and i shop at reasonably eco-conscious places (whole foods) and yet because i eat for one and also dont’ have a lot of time, i tend to purchase and eat a lot of prepared foods. i’m trying to do better on this front, but if i continue to prioritize other things over food preparation time, this packaging waste stream feels almost unavoidable. getting everyone to stop using new plastic bags is just the tip of the iceberg. oy.

  jennykane324 wrote @

yes! and with everything else going on — reading the newspaper is an exercise in bleakness these days — it sometimes just feels so pointless to even try.
But, despite knowing it’s just a drop in the bucket, I feel slightly better being able to return plastic bags to the supermarkets, etc. (but again, just an aspirin for the ‘collective hangover!’)


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