What are you throwing out?

Hi All, The Household Refuse team is hoping that you could help us out by taking a look at your own homes and posting a picture or two. These could be photos of what’s in your wastebaskets now, something that you have that you’d like to get rid of but maybe feel guilty about throwing out,  something that you have that could be re-used or recycled but you aren’t sure where so you’re hanging on to it.   It could also be something less tangible that you feel could be considered household waste, water or electricity, for example.   It could be something scary in your refrigerator,  cartons of take-out food or unidentifiable leftovers.   Could be something in your closets or cabinets;  worn out shoes, old cans of paint or cleaning supplies.  Or something someone else might consider ‘trash’ but you don’t.  Household ‘refuse’ is pretty broad! Thanks! Gala, Jenny and Lara



  waking2dream wrote @

Other than some unwanted electronics i have blogged about, I have a bunch of recently purchased edibles i don’t know what to do with. There was a certain cream cheese, cottage cheese, gluten free lazania and oat meal that I have each sampled and pretty much left as is.
I now have these items, all slightly used, sitting in my fridge with no place to go. Since I have opened them, there are no longer appropriate items to give away…

  duncan wrote @

my recycling bin

I’ve had this milk crate next to my front door almost since I moved in. It started as a collection of stuff I wanted to give away instead of throw out, like these three ring binders and a clothing iron, but quickly became a place to store cardboard boxes I needed to recycle. I never gave the stuff away, I just put stuff on top of it and forgot. It looks messy and kind of blocks the door, but as long as I’m eating ice cream sandwiches, I’m going to keep covering the non-trashable trash with recycling in transit. I’m probably never giving that stuff away.

  duncan wrote @

It’s funny, looking at that picture I just noticed a backpack in there I completely forgot about. I touch it at least once a week putting stuff in and out of the bin.

  99hooker wrote @

I already posted in my media a pictuer of the recycling backet we use for magazines (were pop stars, diets etc get recycled for an extra week or so)

  cindypound wrote @

since the beginning of the year i’ve been divesting myself of quite a bit of household waste. in january i took about 40 pounds of old electronics to an e-waste recycling event. i cleaned out my closets and drawers about a month ago and have about 8 shopping bags worth of clothes to take to donation. every week i maintain a recycling bin – plastics mostly, glass, cans, paper – that i then take down the hall to the recycling room in my building. i’ve found that in recent years the pleasure i obtain from acquisition is eclipsed by the pleasure i obtain from getting rid of.

  lockbird wrote @

When I read this post last night I felt so bad about cleaning the fridge just a few hours before. One of my roommates has left the dorm after the holiday break and left some of his stuff in the fridge, without caring what would happen. Yesterday I realized that our fridge gave shelter to a bag of molded cheese, a pack of really old and hard bread, some rotten tortillas and an expired orange juice. All that was inside his part of the fridge, that’s why we hadn’t bothered earlier with my other roommate, thinking that at some point he will be back to clean it up. The weeks passed and yesterday was the day we threw it out, but I did not have the chance to take some pictures before; it was worth it, trust me, lol.
Instead, I just waited one [not even, half!] day to fill my own bags of waste and take pictures of that.


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