What should be hidden in my closet

This past week I began my spring cleaning. It didn’t work out so well. Here is an example of what my floor has looked like over the past couple of days. What you see here is a mess of screw, wire, screw driver, computer parts, old hockey skates, a cage for a helmet (I play hockey), and a few shopping bags. How I’ve managed to stumble through this darkened room at night without killing myself is a mystery. Joking aside the issue that has already been brought up of nostalgia is the reason why the skates and cage have yet to be thrown out and consequently why the rest of that mess is there. If I clean up the whole mess the skates that were passed down to me will need to tossed as well. I think the issue of ‘what we keep’ is a very interesting one and brings us back to the issue we were left with last time we all met when we were discussing ewaste. When does waste become waste? Are things we keep or clink to waste?

Here is my metal covered floor. Thankfully, I am up to date with my tetanus shot.


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