When garbage piles up vertically and secretly takes form of a platform for other things ( mostly other garbage)

Re: “What are you throwing out”.

I totally forgot about these two broken record players that have been illegally squatting in my apt.  They are of no use to me, but I’ve kept them around… One has a “sentimental value” i suppose… I need to let go!    The other record player converts records into MP3s… and I see that act of compression as a sense of loss.  There’s something lost, “digitally” during a compression that makes me a little uncomfortable…. and so I never used it ( plus didn’t want to “waste” the time getting to know this electronic, mastering it so I can use it…) On one had, i suppose, this weird electronic has mastered me. It just sits there.  A spectacle of my a. waste of money   b. waste of space   c.  waste of time

I will keep my old records in their original format, even if it means I’ll never listen to them again.

by Kasia


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