World Water Day, March 22, 2011


March 22, World Water Day

Here in NYC, with easy access and a seemingly endless supply, it’s easy to take our clean water for granted and not see it as a limited resource.  It’s also something that most of us, as apartment dwellers, don’t actually pay for, unlike our electricity, which means  there’s no economic incentive not to waste water.  Nor do we pay for it in restaurants, schools etc.  According to the Nature Conservancy, we use 1 billion gallons of fresh unfiltered water every day in NYC. And, despite the city’s excellent tap water, we still consume vast quantities of bottled water.

Here are a few statistics from the UN: “The urban poor pay up to 50x more for a litre of water than their richer neighbors, since they often have to buy their water from private vendors.”

Over 800 million people live in slums or informal settlements and do not have adequate water and sanitation facilities.

Some facts/figures on this year’s water theme – water and urbanization:


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