(99) Kierkkegaard’s upbeat take on Waste

“… so much is said about wasted lives-but only that man’s life is wasted who lived on, so deceived by the joys of life or by its sorrwos taht he never became eternally conscious of himself as spirit, as self, or (what is the same thing) never became aware and in the deepest sense received an impressioof the fact that there is a God, and that he, he himself, his self, exists before this God, which gain of infinity is never attained expcet through despiar.”  “The Sickness unto Death” (Princeton, 159-60)


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  cindypound wrote @

i’ve always been thankful for kierkkegaard – keeping it spiritually upbeat. the continentals got pretty bleak for the second half of the 19th century; and then ideas go so abstracted in the 20th century it was difficult to know what to think. for me, camus helped. the whole idea of wasted lives/consciousness/free will could be interesting to explore more broadly.


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