waste, waste, everywhere!

Couple of thoughts on waste while walking home: what to do with my newly acquired trash – the shoddily made umbrella that lasted one rainfall and then lost a handle today.  Chances are good that I will not get all creative and recycle this umbrella into a great bag.  So, is it just destined for my trash?


And, all that water rushing down a storm drain was going to overload the sewer system and lead to what’s called combined sewer overflow  (CSO) –where the mix of storm water, street run-off and untreated sewage go directly into NYC waters.  I am sure we will hear more about this on Friday!

(From the NYC.gov website)

In most areas of the City, sanitary and industrial wastewater, rainwater and street runoff are collected in the same sewers and then conveyed together to the City’s treatment plants. This is known as a combined sewer system. Sometimes, during heavy rains or snow, combined sewers fill to capacity and are unable to carry the combined sanitary and storm sewage to the plants.When this occurs the mix of excess storm water and untreated sewage flows directly into the City’s waterways.




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