private to public

For some reason, the first thing that came to mind when thinking about doing a paper post was the concept of “paper cranes”, the old Japanese belief that making 1000 origami cranes would grant 1 wish. Then I started thinking about how paper is something we give meaning to. The medium for important confidential documents, official contracts, private love notes, diary entries, Art..But it could also mean something that we deem valueless – in the form of junk mail, toilet paper, etc. even though its made of the same material. Like what we’ve talked about continuously, its meaning is given by our process of  sorting. The idea of life after garbage is something that scares me. That somewhere, someone could be going through my old private diary entries but once we deem something garbage, it turns from private to public. Much like how spring cleaning of clothes reminds you of a time and place, same as old letters and writings, reminding you of a feeling you had a particular moment. Ann Frank’s diary is a perfect example of how rediscovering forgotten personal documents have led to new forms of communication for once lost information. Inspiring a movie, play, and the famous book, her personal expression of her thoughts were published for all to read about her family, experience with the Holocaust, her thoughts and feelings..Interestingly, she apparently wrote in her diary several times that she would never allow anyone to read it and it has now been translated into several languages for everyone to read.

Also, on a sidenote, I was surprised to read that paper takes up over 40 percent of the contents of landfills by volume in the NY times article What We Throw Away. I also feel like the way we think about certain resources go through cycles of popularity. I remember years ago, wasting paper was the big topic of concern and now I would say it’s plastic.




  cindypound wrote @

can you publish a link to that NY time article? or is it on blog?


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