spring cleaning

by cindy.

it seems these days that virtually everyone i talk to is spring cleaning.  spring cleaning is almost always about getting rid of things, purging the household of unnecessary accumulation, sorting through and identifying the waste from the non-waste.

according to wikipedia, spring cleaning is historically informed by cultures as diverse as iranian to scottish, jewish to greek.  often there are religious rituals or climate factors that come into play.

it got me thinking about the seasonality of waste.  there is a strong tie to agricultural practices and archetypes.

fall is considered a season of abundance (harvest, celebrations of plenty, etc.).  the abundance is accumulated and stored throughout the winter.  spring is autumn’s abundance counterpoint, the rebirth of the earth’s ability to produce.

in our quasi post agrarian society, these attitudinal cycles surrounding stuff remain, with agricultural accumulation supplanted by consumer accumulation.  we are still somehow programmed to want to evacuate the unused remains of winter upon the arrival of spring.




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